“I help empower you and those you care for,
to think better thoughts, feel better and lead a rich, fulfilling, healthy life using Psychology, neuroscience and common sense thinking.”​


The art of common sense thinking

Our thoughts determine our feelings.

Our feelings determine our outcomes. 

So lets think better with more common sense 

and get better outcomes!

about me

Leading a better and more healthy life in mind, spirit and body

I'm Gary,

curious about life,
the interconnected-ness of all,
the power of belief - both positive and negative and
the joy in common sense and simplicity

What Do burning coals, a suicide call and cactus have in common?

I stood in front of 15-20m of glowing red coals, my hairs on my shin curling and the fear sitting solid in my mind. “No Way!” my primitive brain shouted. “These coals are burning, you have no magic on your feet, you will not make it!”. 

I had been working on my mindset, and ‘thought’ I could do it (not sure how but had faith). The biggest thing was the very first step. 

“I don’t see the point…” – the young caller said to me one day whilst being on a suicide prevention counselling line. “I cant go on anymore..”

I had been training myself and others on this for a while now. I ‘thought’ I could do it, just what to say next?

Whilst on a ‘mindful retreat’ I was exploring the effects of  of ‘cactus juice’ and was sitting in a beautiful garden watching the trees thinking…”what happens next?”

I had wanted to experience getting out of my ‘monkey mind’ for a while and being truly in the moment. So what would happen? 


So What Happened ?

"Through moments we push ourselves and get focused on the fine moments in life - we find purpose"

I walked and survived, listened and helped, sat still and lived. I found my purpose…

“To live in each moment, to serve others and be curious.”

Passionate about learning, wellness, personal development and  whatever life throws at me.

What i do

What I do

At my core I am a behaviour change specialist, focussing on mindset change and better thinking. A Neuroscience nerd with a background in Psychology, NLP Masters, Computer Science, Hypnotherapy, Business Management and sustainability 

Personally I operate as a coach,  a counsellor, mentor, trainer and speaker. 
From a corporate side I operate as a business change manager and sustainability leadership consultant   

 I do this to help others with life, speaking, persuasive communication and creating better thinking and a more sustainable world. 


Helping lift your game.
Life coaching for better confidence, direction, organisation and motivation. Find your purpose and values, improving daily habits and actions, creating plans and learning techniques to deliver, and accelerate your success


Helping find your way.
Be heard and find meaning and engagement. Create and improve relationships.
Deal with weight, addictions, sexual issues, mental wellness and non-serving problems.
Learn to change your mindset and get better.


These include workshops around public speaking, sales improvement, corporate behaviour and engagement performance.
Online courses, webinars and events around NLP and other neuroscience / life hacks

Change Speaker

Business change & sustainability leadership consultant and speaker.
MC and workshop facilitation.
I work to change behaviour at an individual / team level to affect larger outcomes.

What I blog about

Blog Posts

I write about personal development, motivation, sustainability, life / mindhacks and wellness. 

Neuroscience and change behaviour has been a key part of my focus in life and I work to understand and help others realise how mindset can affect  change in our lives.

To me, our goal is all about leading a better and more healthy life in mind, spirit and body

Psychology and science trained with a background in marketing, IT, technology, finance, strategy, sustainability, and wellness, I work as a coach, counsellor, mentor, therapist, speaker, IT nerd, wellness and strategic sustainability leader.  


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