Why are you still sleeping?

Why are you still sleeping?

It is now 6:35am and I am sitting on the covered patio of our luxury ‘bush hut’ overlooking the hippo pools and the African bush landscape.

There is no-one around that I can see and the rest of the household is sleeping – but how can you sleep when there is so much life in front of us to be seen, heard, smelt and experienced!


The sun is just coming over the horizon and a number of birds are calling. A small group of Warthogs scamper past – their tails in the air like aerials. A crested barbet lands right in front of me and sings (I have the video) 

In the far distance a group of buck can be seen as they undertake their morning feed.

A number of rhino walk past in front of the impala – they look like rocks with horns.

The air feels fresh – probably 6 or 7 degrees outside with the expected peak at 25 today.

The smells are typical of the African bush – the dust, flowers, veld and the aroma of my morning coffee.

This is wonderful – this is Africa…

A thin electric fence separates us from the wildlife reserve in front of me. Bakubung (the place of the hippo) is home to the big 5 and the chance of elephants and other animals being 20 metres in front of our chalet is very high..

Imagine if they were all there in front of me now – and I was sleeping?


Again – why are you still sleeping?

Time has marched on a good 20 minutes since I started this blog and still the camp sleeps. Perhaps I didnt drink as much wine or watch hours of TV so hence I am up earlier than others. However, I always like to get up early.

Much like the sensations of sight, sound and feelings in the bush  – you can only really appreciate life by by:

  1. Being there
  2. Being present (refer to #1)
  3. Being awake (refer to #1)

I am not against sleep

Please dont get me wrong – I love my sleep – love the feeling of the pillow under my head and the feeling of crisp sheets or warm duvets and settling down for the night.

I have a routine and fall asleep in seconds, dream wonderfully, and approx 6 hours later – my body clock wakens me naturally. I know that I could roll over and try to get back to sleep but in essence – I am awake and choose to experience more.

Especially when I am away out of routine – how many more mornings will I get this amazing landscape in front of me?

Today could be my last day…..

Or even, how long will there still be rhino to see?


This reconfirms my purpose of life…

Live each day and extract all the juice of experience out of each one!

My Mantra

A Franklin has just walked up to my table and greeted me.

If I was sleeping I would not be able to answer….

Good morning world!

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