Public Speaking 101

Public Speaking Programme

Better communication, 

better understanding, 

better performance.

People can be so cruel… kids especially…

When I was the age of 7 I was publicly humiliated in front of my class during a speech session we needed to give and I struggled with the thought of public speaking after that.

When I was 28 I was the best man at my friends wedding and after the most disastrous speech ever I thought ‘never again’

Not ‘never again’ to public speaking, but never again feeling bad about speaking.

I decided there and then that I would improve and build confidence. After many years now of numerous presentations, webinars, MC events, keynotes and hundreds of toastmaster competitions, I have been teaching the art of public speaking and helping many others to gain the confidence and skills. 

Using a combination of good process, NLP language and confidence boosting techniques in a comfortable environment – make a decision to be a competent and get those nerves under control.

"We all have a natural ability to connect, yet so many of us shy away from the spotlight as we hold a fear that feels insurmountable."

It is often noted that public speaking is a huge fear for many. Often it is up there with one of the most anxiety producing situation.

The ability to speak and, also give feedback better and more effectively is a #1 for improving communication and relationships – both at work and as individuals. 

At the heart of any growth change lies interaction with people and others.  Coaching courses that we promise will enrich your life and others. 

Overcome public speaking fear with gradual exposure, in a supportive environment. We have been helping professionals, sometimes with moderate to severe public speaking issues, become dynamic, confident communicators in virtually any speaking situation. 

Through steps designed to change our beliefs and taking small steps we realise  most of us are simply untrained in how to best harness our speaking power.


Public speaking workshop

Get 2 Speak

Practical courses in public speaking - links to toastmasters and ongoing development

What you get

  • Mini Projects to work through 
  • Tutorials and practicals
  • Evaluation and listening skills
  • Workbook support
  • Certificate of accomplishment  
  • Links to Toastmasters for post course or additional learning

Get2Speak is a short practical course in public speaking for the novice speaker. You’ll be joining several other people who want to learn the basics of public speaking quickly in a supportive, friendly environment. Everyone is involved in all the activities each session. 

Receive expert tuition and learn how to deliver powerful speeches to your friends and colleagues at work. Building confidence and reducing/eliminating the nerves so that you and your audience enjoy your presentations.

This fun and exciting course has changed many peoples lives, see how it can change yours.  Secure your place today.

How it works

For corporate or team workshops – we get groups of 5-10 participants to meet somewhere at YOUR office (ie boardroom) or a space close by for 90-120 minutes sessions once a week for 6 sessions (this could be adjusted depending on requirements).

These sessions work best before the work day ie 7am start to reduce distractions and minimise impact whilst improving teamwork.

Our 6 session, 2 hours a week programme will get you confident, skilled and started to make a difference – it is an easy investment in your personal development

The programmes offer ongoing support and individual coaching options.

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Pricing and format

Fringe time workshops

12 Hours spread over 6 sessions
$ 540 per person
  • Improved engagement
  • We come to your premises
  • To suit your hours
  • Includes all workbooks and material

2 day workshop

Condense the learning
$ 540 per person
  • At your workplace
  • Condensed learning
  • To suit your hours
  • Includes all workbooks and material


Nicola R

Participant, 2019

“Great supportive environment to get comfortable and learn about crafting and presenting speeches”

Kate B

Participant Oct, 2019

“Superb course for upping your speaking game and growing confidence.”

John K

Participant Oct, 2019

“Whilst challenging fitting in the crash course alongside full-time work, I would fully recommend the  course to anyone looking to improve their spoken skills. Giving speeches in a supportive environment has really helped to build my confidence – I’ve learned a lot about myself and learned a lot from my fellow speaking students.”

Why learn better communication?

Better communication, better understanding, better performance.At the heart of any growth change lies interaction with people.
Be a better speaker with effective communication and enrich your life and relationships with others

The Benefits of better communication

Improve your professional development by improving personal communication.
Improve business skills where better work communication delivers better results
Learn more about the benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

See below commonly asked questions – otherwise feel free to contact us.

What about groups bigger than 10?

We would split the sessions in to smaller groups as it is the practical nature of the sessions do not suit a large group – everyone needs to participate.

I'm on my own - can I join another group?

That depends. If there is a non-company session with places available – you can join. These happen every 2nd month

Where are the workshops?

These will take place in Auckland at the moment. Alternatively we have associates around the country to help deliver courses, or the online sessions are proving popular

Can you do virtual sessions?

Yes we can. Since the advent of Covid-19 we have had a large increase in virtual classes. This allows easier attendance, however for practical purposes – does not quite get the ‘live fear’ sorted as much as live workshops.

I want to run this for my company

No problem. Get in touch and we will arrange timing and sessions to suit. These are great for personal development plans 

Where to after the course?

We link a lot of the material to Toastmasters and so there is a natural progression for you to join a nearby toastmasters club (330 in NZ alone!) NOTE that some clubs do offer a speechcraft training which is similar.

Coaches for the workshops

Gary and Mike have been members of Toastmasters International and public speakers for many years. Both have been Presidents of some of the most successful Toastmasters Clubs in NZ and the UK;  Mike was the 1997/98 Governor for the UK and Ireland, District. 

We have successfully delivered 100’s of speeches and presentations to large and small groups of people across professional and informal audiences and run leadership and speechcraft courses to a wide variety of corporate, community, charity and school groups.

Gary Walker

Gary is a successful business owner, consultant: is NLP trained, and operates as a mentor, trainer and coach to businesses, groups, high performance individuals and workshops.
NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming and uses the power of language and structure to improve messages (Brain – Neuro)

For more see his website

Mike Silverman

Mike works as a Corporate Uncle to various companies after a career in commercial management and business development across various industries in the UK, USA and Australasia. He worked in television where he co-founded and managed the original Carlton Television, which is now the UK’s ITV. After being head-hunted by Richard Branson, Mike set up and managed the television division of the Virgin Group. He later worked for Technicolor managing the UK television playout centre he built for The Walt Disney Company.

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