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Online courses, webinars and resourcing with Psychology, NLP based leaning and other neuroscience skills and life hacks

You love learning and improving yourself. You want to raise your skills and performance when communicating and delivering results. Perhaps there is a curiosity with Neuroscience and the power of the mind? Perhaps you fear public speaking or just want to do better at it?

Based on core psychological concepts, NeuroScience, NLP and good old fashioned common sense and business thinking, the programs are designed to be fun, practical and provide better thinking, feeling and actions. Shortcuts to rewire your life habits, thinking and health to get a better outlook.

Actionable training with bite-sized courses, real-life skills, tips and learnings you can implement immediately. In-house and virtual powerful events to deliver learning where you are. Updated constantly to be relevant and provide ongoing growth. Certified courses and ongoing support along the way

Latest Online Courses

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Hacking a better sleep

Sleep is vital, wonderful, restorative and is a vital part of our lives. However sometimes it can cause so much frustration to those who suffer from poor quality sleep.This course is designed to help you learn more and be more aware of your state, apply techniques with maybe a mindhack or two.zzzzzzzzzz

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New Courses 2020

Introduction What started out with a problem from a friend turned into a lifelong dream – helping others through them growing and learning. The sleep story was the catalyst for many to come. Next up This is where you come in. Send us comments and feedback as to what you want to see and if…

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Meet our Instructors

Introduction Our instructors and trainers are passionate about helping others. They find joy in lifting and improving those around them. They have skills in life, wellness, and building a better person. Story This site started as a labour of love for wanting to help clients more than just the 1-1 that I was coaching. Group…

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