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Neuroscience and change behaviour has been a key part of my focus in life and I work to understand and help others realise how mindset can affect  change in our lives.


With a background in Psychology, Computer Science, NLP, Management and sustainability,   I coach and help people to be the best version on themselves and to do better in life. 

To me, our goal in life is all about leading a better and more healthy life in mind, spirit and body.


To help people on this path I have a  Master NLP qualification, Diploma in Hypnosis, a qualified counsellor, speaker and  led a successful business career. 

1-1 Coaching / Counselling

Many people have asked the difference between coaching and counselling (and therapy). 

The analogy I like to use is to recognise your current place in your life along a continuum with being paralysed and lying down on one end and not knowing what or where to go with standing and ready to go on the other but wanting to go faster. 

Where are you?  (see video) 

The range goes from people struggling with where they are, or want meaning or to be heard to those who want to be pushed and coached to more success. Those dealing with addiction and pain management support (weight, alcohol, porn, drug & other addictions) through to accelerating your success delivery. From those wanting to find a great partner to those couples who need and want to improve their relationship outcomes

Neuroscience &  psychology  combine to create powerful  processes, techniques and mindpower tools which are used to help you think and feel better. NLP & hypnosis combine together with mindful and practical common sense. 

Typical sessions are around one hour but depends on the session requirement outcomes. Sessions are held in my rooms in Ponsonby or can be done in a virtual environment

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Be heard, get some meaning, be understood and feel hope

Talk to a trained counsellor, be heard and understood. Through exploring issues and understanding, simple techniques and processes will help you to simply sit up from where you are and see the world better. Reduce the impact of addictions in your life with clear programmes, step by step plans and accountability to lift your self back.

 Areas to focus on:

  • Therapy and Counselling
  • Relationships, create and supporting
  • Addiction & Pain Management
  •  Simple common sense support


Start walking, go faster and jump

You feel good, most of life is going well, but you need to take the next step.
Reduce procrastination, get clear on goals, direction and purpose, create powerful habits and hold yourself accountable.

Areas to focus on:

  • Life & Performance Coaching (habits, purpose, motivation)
  • Get Organised
  • Build confidence
  • Public Speaking
  • Weight Management / wellness and recovery


Putting knowledge to work

You love learning and improving yourself. You want to raise your skills and performance when communicating and delivering results. Perhaps there is curiosity with Neuroscience  and the power of the mind? Perhaps you fear public speaking or just want to do better at it.


  • Engagement is critical in organisations to lift performance and behaviour. Changing behaviour leads to a better outcome.
  • Better communication leads to better engagement


  • Neuroscience and communication mastery courses and workshops designed to push you, teach you and allow you to discover your talents.
  • In-house courses using practical and relevant programmes to teach better communication and persuasive speech
  • Team engagement and NLP workshops to provide a viewpoint into team engagement, productivity, and customer behaviour.

Areas we focus on

  • Communication Mastery
  • Public Speaking Courses
  • Team effectiveness Coaching
  • NLP Workshops for Business
  • Neuroscience based Online Courses

Speaking/ Facilitation

Experienced facilitator, MC and speaker

You have the right people, the course, the speakers. Now to get some help to put and pull it all together and present 

Perhaps you want to motivate your team, your clients. Something different – Neuroscience, motivational, challenging, inspirational.

What I offer

  • Business change & sustainability leadership consultant and speaker.
  • MC and workshop facilitation.
  • I work to change behaviour at an individual / team level to affect larger outcomes.

Why me?

  • I have coached numerous Neuroscience and communication mastery courses and facilitated a number of workshops designed to push you, teach you and allow you to discover your talents.
  • I have run a number of events as MC pulling together the threads between speakers and providing flow
  • Many years as a toastmaster leader, president and communicator including running speechcraft courses
  • Interesting twists relating to power of mindset and engagement
  • Change behaviour mindset

Areas I can focus on

  • Public Speaking Courses
  • Team effectiveness Coaching
  • NLP Workshops for sales and marketing
  • Neuroscience based keynote for change