Clear Persuasive and Entertaining Communication
Learn to speak better, with more engagement and confidence

“People will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but they will never forget….

how you made them feel”

The ability to speak better, confidently, persuasively and effectively is a crucial skill to improve communication, connection & relationships.  
When we combine this with teaching others - we learn to step into our teaching space and feel more confident, have more impact, provide more powerful outcomes, and, of course, entertain.

With small steps designed to engage our mindset and the application of simple structure -  we can all harness our speaking power and present our message better – both at work and personally.

We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?
Learning Outcomes
There are many more benefits to speaking clearly, well and persuasively across entertainment, education and social occasions
  • 4 key steps to ensure great speaking
  • Connection, eye contact, rapport
  • Learning your content, key elements to emphasise
  • Taking charge of your voice - projection, range, pace, volume, tone and care
  • Using non-verbal communication, posture, gestures and body language
Course Overview
Each of the sections provide theoretical understanding, practical examples and experiential learning components
Workshop Process
Introductions, group engagement.
Understand the science and the process
Guided exercises
Workbook with exercises and experiential learning incl voice training etc. Build a confidence trigger
Discussion and Practice
Discussions and time to practise (with peer feedback)
Close and next steps
Goal setting and neuroscience tricks. Setting some accountability goals and exploring next steps if needed.
    "Powerful and concise. I loved the confidence trigger"
    "We asked Gary to deliver to our new teaching staff and we got way more than we expected. They are so ready to go now!!
    Gary taught the memory technique to learn content which was my biggest fear.
    "The eye-zoom and other connection practices really makes me be more aware of the audience and what they want and respond to!"
Gary Walker
Coach and trainer
Gary Walker is a behaviour change specialist with a background in Psychology, neuroscience and strategic leadership.
He works as a coach, trainer, mentor, speaker and consultant across mental health, wellness, communication and sustainability.

Qualifications incl. BSc Psychology, Computer Science, PG Management, Diploma Hypnotherapy, Masters in NLP and Master Coach

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