Powerful morning routine

Sleepy guy waking up early after alarm clock signal

My morning Routine

There is nothing more tiring than getting to the end of the day and realising so much you have not done and a promise is made to do better.

I decided to change this for myself and created a habit for getting going in the morning. Its not onerous and I have broken it up into 7 minute chunks. These 7 Minute routines give me structure and depending on time I add or take these away as I feel right. For example – if I am late I focus only on 1, 3 & 8 (~21mins) otherwise if I have time I extend each of them a bit. For details on all of these – I will post soon:-)

Normally this takes exactly 1 hour so I try to organise my sleep and waking up process to give me this ‘hour of power’.

The key here is flexibility otherwise it can end up feeling too onerous and potentially stressful. Occasionally I might even split this up to other times of the day. Ie exercise later in the day or so the breathing exercise last thing at night

My ultimate goal in life is to minimise stress

  1. Meditation 
    • Breath , senses, acknowledgement of thoughts, stillness
  2. Breathing
    • Wim Hof style or similar – really keep focussing on breath.
    • This extends my meditation in essence and helps me prepare for #3
  3. Exercise
    • This takes exactly 7 minutes (I try to repeat this 3 times a day for a no excuse process for getting blood flow!!!)
    • 3 x sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) 
    • Abs x 40 (Swiss ball or floor – include oblique work)
    • Chest x 30 – Press-ups (on floor/side of couch or steps as needed) 
    • Air squats x 20 (with our without hand weights) 
    • Curls x 30
    • Tricep press x 20
    • Hanging from a pole for balance of time (pull ups if you can)
  4. Journal / write 
    • Here – I just write. Pen to paper and don’t stop
    • Hint: it doesn’t matter if you not sure where to start – just start on anything. Write on your inability to start even. Or start with whats happening around you, and then follow and write your thoughts
    • Some people use a journal, some paper and throw away – I use an Apple Pencil and Pad 🙂
  5. Read
    • Read something that lifts me or inspires
    • This could be a blog, a book or article
  6. Gratitude & Purpose review (7 mins) 
    • I review my gratitude diary from previous days 
    • Visualise and be grateful for all that I am, have, have done and am doing
      • me
      • people around me
      • experiences
    • Review goals, purpose & values
      • Read long term goals, my purpose and my principles
      • Some people use a vision board, it is not important how – just let your mind loose on dreaming big!!
      • Read an inspiring quote and get clear on my affirmation for the current period (I change these on a monthly basis)
      • See examples below
  7. Review and plan for the day
    • Review short term goals and next actions
    • My to do list. Review yesterday and new
    • Check my diary for today/tomorrow
    • Schedule at least one action! 

I am enjoying life with funds to spare and share


I will nourish my body well with healthy eating and fluids


We all have the same 24 hours. How do I choose to use it?

My mantra

The key to the entire routine is flexibility. I may change the order and sometimes I might even do most of it in bed (the reading, writing, breathing and meditation etc) – I just remember to sit up for the meditation!!

An important part is to ingrain this into habit. So give yourself this hour every day. After 21 days – it will feel like something is missing when you don’t do it.

Get a routine going, lift your game – think.feel.better


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