New Courses 2020

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What started out with a problem from a friend turned into a lifelong dream – helping others through them growing and learning.

The sleep story was the catalyst for many to come.

Next up

This is where you come in. Send us comments and feedback as to what you want to see and if you can contribute

In process are the following courses

  • Neuroscience – hacking the brain to get better at life
  • Relationship magic. A course for couples to follow and keep the flow going
  • Public speaking course – how to prepare and get good at presenting and preparing for a speech
  • Confidence – creating a powerful state. Used with public speaking or wherever nerves are high. Ps we throw in a NLP/Psych twist to make it amazing
  • Addiction support for self. How to stop those habits you hate
  • Creating the best routines: Stop procrastination, get going and get stuff done
  • Bucket List creation: easy enough to make a list right? Let’s put some structure to it and make it not only stick but change your life!!!
  • Taking Magical photos : Just learn 5 tips for amazing shots (for smartphone or camera) with a few little tricks and tips


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