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‘Curious about life, the interconnected-ness of all, the power of belief – both positive and negative and the joy in common sense and simplicity’

Leading a better and more healthy life in mind, spirit and body

My Purpose and overview

 “To live in each moment, to serve others and be curious.”

Passionate about learning, wellness, personal development and  whatever life throws at us.

With a background in Psychology, Computer Science, Management and sustainability,   I coach and help people to be the best version on themselves and to do better in life. I speak and represent me, others and those that can’t/don’t.

To help people on this path I have a  Master NLP qualification, Diploma in Hypnosis, am a qualified counsellor, speaker and  led a successful business career.

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My Story

I was born in Johannesburg South Africa amidst interesting times of conflict. After losing my father who died at an early age (39) of stress related concerns, being conscripted into the army and seeing the stress of a violent racially conflicted environment – I realised early the power of good self discipline to deal with stress.

A Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and Computer Science followed by  a post grad qualification in management and marketing was just the start of the learning curve. Later on I completed my NLP Masters, became a qualified Hypnotherapist and to date, has seen hundreds of clients in a private capacity for counselling, therapy and coaching. I have also worked with multiple organisations and teams with coaching and training.

On the corporate business side, I have worked extensively in sales, marketing, IT and management. Working up the corporate ladders I have understood the stress of organisational drive and people management and worked to create strong teams, processes and clear direction in all that I did. I have been a senior manager in charge of multiple employees, with full P&L responsibility and a background in sales and marketing

I moved to NZ in 1998 after a number of years dealing with the stress of safety in South Africa and concern for a new family, and quickly worked my way to the senior leadership teams of a number of large organisations before ending up in a government role working within sustainability and efficiency. Primarily working with behavioural change I am a strong speaker/presenter, undertaking keynote, MC & training to a wide audience incl. board members, staff, customers and groups.

It was here that the link between organisational management skills and understanding people and communication started to blend and I took on a few ‘project’ roles including creating a number of web-based coaching and consulting practices. Sustainability and leadership have featured heavily and a major project included driving the Sustainable Development goals at NZ’s largest health board

Again on the people front – I became a qualified mentor at a volunteer lifeline organisation, a president of a top Toastmasters club and created an NLP professionals group that has continued for the past 10 years.

With a passion for sustainability, wellness and continuous learning I live a fit and healthy life in Auckland with a wide variety of hobbies and active pursuits.

I currently work as a change behaviour neuroscientist, a business consultant and mentor, I coach clients and have a number of web businesses.

My Mantras and beliefs

“Flexibility and change behaviour is my key to happiness and I CHOOSE my reaction to stress and events”

  • I believe in the power of thought to help us feel better (and how it can make me feel worse if I focus on what is wrong all the time)
  • Daily routines are important and should cover all aspects of my life – connection, health, wealth, relationships and learning – a better mind spirit body
  •  Be kind, serve others and find the joy and gratitude around

My Websites

What I do

At my core I am a behaviour change coach, focussing on mindset change and better thinking. A Neuroscience nerd with a background in Psychology, NLP Masters, Computer Science, Hypnotherapy, Business Management and sustainability 

I operate as a coach,  a counsellor, mentor, trainer and speaker. From a corporate side I operate as a business change manager and sustainability leadership consultant 

 I do this to help others with life, speaking, persuasive communication and creating better thinking and a more sustainable world. 


My Blog

Neuroscience and change behaviour has been a core focus in life and I love to understand and help others realise how mindset can affect powerful positive change in our lives. I write about personal development, motivation, sustainability, life / mindhacks and wellness. Leading a better and more healthy life in mind, spirit and body


The CoVoid era

I am happy.. I still hold faith to a few essential items for happiness: a sense of purpose, something to do, something to look forward

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A life of ‘P’

The following is the content of a 7 min speech I wrote and gave at a toastmasters club competition event…  
Based on a true personal story – with some modifications for more dramatic storytelling..
I think there is a lot more to this area to think about. It can certainly help create our future …. 

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