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Our instructors and trainers are passionate about helping others. They find joy in lifting and improving those around them. They have skills in life, wellness, and building a better person.


This site started as a labour of love for wanting to help clients more than just the 1-1 that I was coaching. Group coaching and webinars came next. The next step was to open this up to anyone who shared similar ‘Detox’ values and could drive better outcomes for us.

LifeDetoxed is a collection of all that we see that affects people and how we can make changes to improve. By doing this it inspires us day to day.

Sleep, exercise, decluttering, relationships, technology, psychedelics, kindness, people, holding onto drama, eating, wellness, exercise, fun, excitement, adrenalin, love, adventure, bucket lists, routine, habit tracking, writing, talking, presenting, public speaking, buying behaviours, addictions, porn, alcohol, smoking, social drama, anxiety, resilience, sustainability, climate, kindness, diet, plants, presence, meditation, yoga, flexibility space – just being better

Our team of contributing trainers come from across a multitude of areas and we will introduce each one as they join our growing group

Our team


Gary was born in Johannesburg South Africa amidst interesting times of conflict. After losing his father who died at an early age of stress related concerns, being conscripted into the army and seeing the stress of a violent racially conflicted environment – he realised early the power of good self discipline to deal with stress.

A Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and Computer Science followed by  a post grad qualification in management and marketing was just the start of the learning curve. Later on he completed his NLP Masters, became a qualified Hypnotherapist and went on to see hundreds of clients in a private capacity for counselling, therapy and coaching.

Not finished with the business side yet, he threw himself into sales, marketing, IT and management. Working up the corporate ladders he understood the stress of organisational drive and people management and worked to create strong teams, processes and clear direction in all that he did.

It was here that the link between organisational management skills and understanding people and communication started to blend and Gary took on a few ‘project’ roles including creating a number of web-based coaching and consulting practices. Gary has been a qualified mentor at a volunteer lifeline organisation, a president of a top Toastmasters club and created an NLP professionals group that has continued for the past 10 years.

With a passion for sustainability, wellness and continuous learning he now lives a fit and healthy life in Auckland with a wide variety of hobbies and active pursuits.

Currently he is a business consultant, coaches clients and has a number of web businesses. These include:

  • – Getting Sustainability done (Sustainability consultancy)
  • – Corporate Performance coaching and public speaking
  • – Coaching and counselling using NLP
  • – training courses across wellness, life improvement and purpose

Recognise that flexibility and changing your reaction is key to happiness and the ‘choice’ to live a reduced stress lifestyle.



Mike works as a Corporate Uncle to various companies after a career in commercial management and business development across various industries in the UK, USA and Australasia. 

He worked in television where he co-founded and managed the original Carlton Television, which is now the UK’s ITV. After being head-hunted by Richard Branson, Mike set up and managed the television division of the Virgin Group.  He later worked for Technicolor managing the UK television playout centre he built for The Walt Disney Company. He runs a couple of business and is a strong advocate for living your best life

Both Gary and Mike have been members of Toastmasters International and public speakers for many years. Both have been Presidents of some of the most successful Toastmasters Clubs in NZ and the UK;  Mike was the 1997/98 Governor for the UK and Ireland, District. 

They have successfully delivered 100’s of speeches and presentations to large and small groups of people across professional and informal audiences and run leadership and speechcraft courses to a wide variety of corporate, community, charity and school groups.


Rachel supports the business and keeps the lights on and glowing. Rachel is our anonymous contributor for articles, inspiration and feedback master

We are looking for more “Rachels” to contribute ideas and training. Be a Rachel..


More to come as we add associates and additional resource.

Stay connected..

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