Just Cruising?

Sitting at 10972m above sea level.

Flying over the Southern Ocean 500k’s south of Kalgoorlie and 490 ks to go to Perth.

The question I have is…

How are we staying up in the air?

It seems impossible that this can work.

400 years ago it would have been thought of as witchcraft – beyond the realms of reality and therefore  – magic.

All I know is that I am safe, we are staying up in the air (for now) and that it does work. *1

Magic or reality?

So where else in our lives do we think of something as impossible or magic, something that cannot be done…? Is it only a question of time and technology and then it will become real?

The same thing happens when we doubt our ability to do anything in our lives.

Just because it did not work the first time does it mean it cannot? Or the second time, third….? Or even a 1000+ times to get the first electric bulb working…

Where else do we find it hard to believe that we can do anything ?

Have you set some goals and not made them?

Does having goals set you up for disappointment?

Sure – life can be tough, challenging, we fall down, things happen to us, we cry, we despair, we almost give up….I’m doing it now…

I turn 50 in 5 days time and flying home to see my family.

Am I everything I wanted to be at 50,?

Have I have all I wanted to have?

Done all the things I wanted to do?…..

everything…. ???



If any of them have been achieved – I simply added more – so it now feels  never-ending. So therefore I am always in a state of ‘non-attainment’

An example of how we are going and setting a list for what we want to achieve in the world is the Do Be Have (DBH) list (a good way to remember it is thinking of Austin Powers – Oh.. Do Behave…!). 

We can use it to set our roadmap for our wants and desires, our plans and dreams. It is a fun to to set, it is not fun to fail.

I had and have a number of items on my DHB  list – experiences, financial and physical wants, emotional ways of being.

  • Experiences I want to do
  • The way I want to be
  • Things I want to have

Sitting here at 755km/h I feel the pace of life is way faster than my list!

The dilemma of goals vs no-goals

Should I not have set this list up in the first place? Goal-Less, no plan?

Having goals to be in a certain place for my birthday, with the goal directed funds paying for it  has helped me be where I am right now – on the plane and feeling concerned at the principle of aerodynamics.

However – as I look out at the wonder of the world below me, and as the sun sets over the endless horizon, I realise one thing.

I am living my list, being open to experiences and what could possibly be.

  • I ate my last meal with complete presence. Didn’t watch TV, talk, read or anything – just really really savoured the tastes and flavours.
  • Watched the sun set over the wing of an airplane – serene, quiet and utter magic.
  • Smiled just because I realised this

I love life, it throws me another reason to get up again and experience more, it has given me love, family, fun and freedom.

So write a DBH  list. But more importantly – take the time to really enjoy the world around you as you go on your journey.

*1:  PS yes I know about aerodynamic lift etc and have a basic understanding but point is made

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