Hacking a better sleep

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Progress over Perfection

* Note – we didn’t say longer or shorter sleep – a better sleep. It is better to get 6 fantastic hours of sleep than 9 restless ones!!

Sleep is vital, wonderful, restorative and yet sometimes causes so much frustration to those who don’t feel the benefits. This course is designed to help you learn more, apply techniques and maybe a mindhack or two to help get what you need!


Consistently getting good sleep is critical to your health, productivity and relationships. In these lessons we will teach you how sleep works and how to make sleep work better for you. You’ll gain a better awareness of your own sleep habits and walk away with proven strategies and some life hacks to add more and better sleep to your life.

Having the right mindset is the right place to start. If anyone has heard of the law of attraction or understand a small about our unconscious mind, you know that we tend to get what we focus on. This works in reverse too.. if we have negative thought, poor language patterns or a glass half empty attitude to life – we tend to get that, which re-inforces our negative thoughts, language, attitude and the cycle continues….

A client of mine was very clear – “I cant sleep, I do everything to make it better, lie there with my eyes closed, do meditation etc, but I cannot sleep”. Guess what? Her willpower was so strong she was getting exactly what she asked for… “I can’t sleep”. In the morning, feeling tired, she re-enforced that feeling, told her friends, husband, family all about how she can’t sleep. It occupied her mind.

“I never sleep properly”

~typical negative self talk~

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) recognises this power of language and mindset that creates CHANGE (if you want it) and it is this process that we will follow on this course. Carefully designed language and processes to help break that cycle and get to what you want (and less focus on what you dont want).

Getting clear on what we want is the first step. It resets the brain and thinking into powerful forward focussed thinking, looking for ways to make it happen and taking small wins along the way. The process starts by knowing where you are, stating what you want, seeing that outcome and building plans and strategies to get there. Importantly actions and habits help and track progress. Start easy, commit to getting better sleep and enjoy the process.

Everyone has an ideal for something. We all tend to measure ourselves against others however and this is the concern. A life lived better and a better sleep is only determined on your own state and improvement on that. There is no ‘Perfect’ way – there is only improvement and changes to areas of your life with good understanding and acceptance to the journey. 10 minutes more sleep is exactly that, “more”. That is progress….

You can and will sleep better