Do you want change?
Our core purpose is to grow.
Growth = a change in some area of our life...
Areas like health, wealth or relationships

Neuroscience and psychology combine to create powerful MindPower tools to help you to think & feel better and so... become better
We help you to incorporate change into your life and be ok with it.

Stand up, find purpose, direction, get going and run faster (or perhaps even fly!)

That is growth

Mindset coach with over 20 years of experience
With a background in Psychology, a Masters in NLP, Diploma in Hypnosis, a qualified lifeline counsellor, master speaker and a successful business mentor – I am well qualified to apply the skills needed.

However the degree and qualifications are not the key here – what is important is how relaxed and easy you feel it is to work with me and get supported (and pushed) to live a better life.
  • I graduated from the Rhodes University with a BSc in Psychology and Computer Science.
  • My thesis was on Hypnosis and the effect of thought on body.
  • I completed my Masters in NeuroLinguistic Programming
  • BSc- Psychology and computer science (with distinction)
  • NLP Master Practitioner Diploma
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy
  • Qualified Mentor and counsellor - LifeLine
  • I have over 14 years of practice in private consultations
  • I undertake group sessions and teach persuasive communication
  • I have facilitated many corporate workshops around behaviour change & management
Programmes Developed
  • HypnoMeditation: Using self hypnosis (visualisation and triggers) to sleep and meditate better, faster, and more consistently
  • 5by5: Programmes designed to help you develop the right habits to lose weight, reach a goal, get rid of an addiction, or simply step up. Using NLP, accountability and habit tracking
  • Speakership: Persuasive communication. Improve confidence, style, content and delivery for public speaking, social speaking, marketing and sales.
What I offer
Life Coaching (Mindset, Confidence, Focus)
You feel good, most of life is going well, but you need to take the next step. 
Reduce procrastination, get clear on goals, direction and purpose, create powerful habits and hold yourself accountable
Habit change and addictive behavious
Reduce the impact of addictions in your life with clear programmes, step by step plans and accountability to lift your self back to where you want to be. Support for food, alcohol, porn, drug & areas of your life not helping you to be the best you can be.
Persuasive Communication
Confidence, clarity, purpose and message. Get these right and your ability to persuade, socialise and deliver results through powerful communication will expand. 
Applies in a corporate, extramural  and personal world 
Weight Loss
It is not all about diet and exercise (although that is part of it).

A strong 5by5 challenge combines hypnosis, habit change and accountability to not just move the weight, but create a lifestyle
Meditation and sleep
We know getting a good nights rest is important, and the benefits of meditation are well documented. Learn how to instantly 'drop' into a quiet space, remain rested and keep consistent, by using self-hypnosis and empowering our central nervous system to help us
Psychosomatic diseases
Psychosomatic diseases are mental disorders that appear at the physiological level and mental levels. Through using a program called OldPain2go we can release un-wanted & un-necessary  pain. Through NLP, often we can reprogram our neuro responses to reduce, remove and improve.
Services and prices
Starter Session
$ 60
Understand the benefits and how you can improve through a 30 minute starter session. Discuss the issues, what you want and we commence with some intro processes, next steps and create a plan. Virtual session only
First appointment
$ 150
There is some pre-work, we set clear goals and outcomes. We put a plan together and undertake a number of NLP, Hypnotherapy or counselling processes to create progress and positive outcomes. 60-75 minute session
Ongoing appointments
$ 125
Regular sessions to deep dive and improve areas of life as determined by the first appointment. Set new goals, be held accountable and improve. These sessions are 60mins.
5by5 Weightloss program
This proven system uses neuroscience, hypnosis, habit adjustments and accountability to focus on one thing......... 5in5. (ie 5kg in 5 weeks )
It is not about the result but about the practice you put in place, the journey, your mindset and the feeling of accomplishment that you get.
After the 5? You could do more, you could stop - but, you have started, achieved and created a lifestyle. You become a different person - one who has learnt to create what you want in life. You begin to like yourself and what you can do.
Includes : Initial NLP session, bespoke habit tracker, 3 check-ins, final session
HypnoMeditation session
Learn self-hypnosis to help you meditate and sleep better, faster and more consistently.
This practical short session (60-75min) will provide you with the science, the process and practical time to experience the process of HypnoMeditation.
NOTE: Min 3 attendees
Lu S

"I met Gary on a very difficult time on my life and he has helped me to see through the cloudiness of my mental spin in that moment. I have never been busier than over the last 5 weeks and I can't recall achieving this much in such short time ever in my life! Gary has not only helped me to steer away from professional suicide, he has helped me to find joy in my daily life by giving me tools to work on my dreams and live up to my values. It's amazing regaining control of my life and seeing my dreams coming true! Thank you very much indeed, Gary!"
Build confidence and a belief in myself
Ash W

"It helped me to build my confidence by giving me some thoughts and ideas to give me power and help me through my entrance exam. He even did some hypnosis where I just closed my eyes and imagined finishing the exam and being happy. It happened just as he said and I felt great!"

Control of bad habits and improve your health 
"I felt that I was overindulging in alcohol at times and that this was negatively affecting my weight loss efforts. After just one session on this topic my attitudes and behaviours are completely different. I only want to drink alcohol in moderation."

Coaching vs Counselling?
What is the difference between coaching / counselling (or therapy)?
An analogy is to think of your current state as a continuum with
  • paralysed and lying down on one end, not knowing what or where to go or
  • standing and ready to go, and wanting to go faster.
Where are you? (see video)
The range goes from people struggling with where they are, or want meaning or to be heard to those who want to be pushed and coached to more success. Those dealing with addiction and pain management support (weight, alcohol, porn, drug & other addictions) through to accelerating your success delivery. From those wanting to find a great partner to those couples who need and want to improve their relationship outcomes

Coaching vs Therapy
Where are you?

Coaching                             Counselling/Therapy

Get better, go faster
You feel good, most of life is going well, but you need to take the next step.
  • Reduce procrastination, get clear on goals, direction and purpose, create powerful habits and hold yourself accountable.
Talk, be understood and feel hope
Talk to a trained counsellor, be heard and understood.
Through exploring issues and understanding, simple techniques and processes will help you to simply sit up from where you are and see the world better.
  • Reduce the impact of addictions in your life with clear programmes, step by step plans and accountability to lift your self back.
We focus on 
  • Life & Performance Coaching (habits, purpose, motivation)
  • Getting Organised
  • Build confidence
  • Public Speaking
  • Weight Management / wellness and rec
We focus on 
  • Therapy and Counselling
  • Relationships, create and supporting
  • Addiction & Pain Management
  • Simple common sense support
Contact me
Feel free to drop me an email with some of your thoughts and possible times for a session. I will be in touch with more information.
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